Park Eun Bin Never Rests On The Set Of “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” For This Heartwarming Reason

On July 28th of last month, on YouTube’s ‘My Story’, a video titled ‘ Park Eun Bin, the monster actor who made Woo Young-woo (observation of an omniscient actor) ‘ was uploaded. ‘My Story’ is a YouTube channel run by actor Kwak Min Seok himself.

Kwak Min Seok was the judge in episode 9 of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘.

In the video, he said, “The judge seat of the courtroom filming is a position where you can see everything on the set at a glance.

In fact, in the video, Park Eun Bin looked at the script whenever she had time. She looked at the script at her seat, even during breaks, and consulted with the director.

Next, Kwak Min Seok explained the atmosphere of the filming set, saying, “The courtroom filming consumes a lot of stamina and the atmosphere is sensitive.”

However, Park Eun Bin helped other actors practice acting even during her break time.

Kwak Min Seok said, “Park Eun Bin kept his seat during each shoot and accepted the other actors’ reactions (helping other actors with lines and actions to immerse themselves in acting),”. As in the past, she accepted every moment of her acting reaction and helped me,” he said, expressing his gratitude.

In the video, Park Eun Bin helped Kwak Min Seok, who started filming, act while standing behind the camera and reading her lines to help her immerse herself in her acting.

In response, Kwak Min Seok said, “I send support as a fan by seeing not only her acting talents, but also her concentration and effort without letting go of tension while working with Park Eun Bin for a short time.”



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