Netizens’ Hearts Fluttered After Hearing Son Seok Koo’s Best Couple Between Kim Ji Won And Ma Dong Seok

Actor Son Seok Koo selected Yeom Mi Jeong (Kim Ji Won) from ‘My Liberation Notes’ as the best couple.

On August 1st, on the YouTube channel ‘Marie Claire Korea’, ‘What do you think is the best couple in your opinion? A video titled ‘My Liberation Notes Kim Ji Won VS The Roundup Ma Dong Seok was uploaded.

In the video, Son Seok Koo picked Yeom Mi Jeong in the speed of light when asked about the best couple between Yeom Mi Jeong in the drama ‘My Liberation Notes’ and Ma Seok Do (Ma Dong Seok) in the movie ‘The Roundup’.

After that, he repeatedly mentioned “Yeom Mi Jeong” and smiled shyly, showing his affection for the character of ‘Chuang Couple’.

Son Seok Koo also cited “I can’t lose my liberation” as a comment I saw recently.

Regarding Kim Ji Won‘s first impression, he said, “At first, it was like a baby,” but “Now, it is a charismatic image of a woman. It is very artistic.”

As his ideal type, he confessed, “I like cool people.”

Son Seok Koo was then given a mission to play a couple of ball heart with Kim Ji Won. However, he misunderstood the mission as playing the ball heart alone, and the production team of Marie Claire, embarrassed by this, said, “Keep playing the ball heart alone and have it…“, bringing laughter.

He barely succeeded in the mission by suggesting a ball heart to Kim Ji-won during the photo shoot.

Meanwhile, Son Seok Koo and Kim Ji Won received a lot of love as a ‘Cheong couple’ as the line “Adore me” in ‘My Liberation Notes’ gathered a lot of attention.



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