Hyun Bin Will Star In An Action Movie Scheduled To Be Released This September

Hyun Bin is releasing the movie ‘ ‘Confidential Assignment 2’‘ as his comeback after marriage.

In ‘ ‘Confidential Assignment 2’, North Korean detective Lim Cheol Ryeong (Hyun Bin) meets again to catch a global criminal organization, South Korean detective Kang Jin Tae (Yoo Hae Jin), and the New Face foreign FBI Jack (Daniel Henney) are each in their own way.

A work depicting an unpredictable triangular cooperative investigation of detectives who unite for a purpose.

Hyun Bin, who has received both screens and CRTs with a broad spectrum of acting regardless of genre and character, returns to the screen after 4 years as Lim Cheol Ryeong, an elite North Korean detective with a stronger charm in ‘Confidential Assignment 2‘.

The still elite North Korean detective, Lim Cheol Ryeong, comes down to South Korea on a new mission and leads a triangular coordination with Jin-tae and the FBI’s Jack. Hyun Bin, who said, “I tried to show the upgraded version of ‘Cheol Ryeong’ in every way,” said that he was used to live in South Korea more than before, as well as striking action to close investigation bromance chemistry with Yoo Hae Jin and Daniel Henney. Expectations are high that it will show a more colorful charm.

Director Lee Seok Hoon, who was in charge of directing, admired him, “He is a very thorough and professional actor in preparation for filming. His concerns about the character and the scene were also surprisingly detailed.”

After marrying her Son Ye Jin in March and heralding her recent two-year-old birth, Hyun Bin is set to show off her more mature acting on her screen. ‘Confidential Assignment 2’ will be released in September.



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