Girls’ Generation Hyoyeon Prefers Living With Her Aunt Than Her Real Mother, Here’s Why

Hyoyeon talked about the difference between a dorm aunt and a real mother.

On the August 2 broadcast of JTBC’s ‘Sosi Tam Tam’, Girls’ Generation faced a mission to match the dorm aunt’s kimbap.

On this day’s broadcast, Girls’ Generation looked back on her past memories with her aunt in the dormitory when she was on a mission to find her aunt’s kimbap. 

Sunny said, “He piled up gimbap as a tower,” and Seohyun recalled, “He also wrapped a lot of tofu sushi.” Sunny recalled, “I was on a diet, so I wrapped a lot of chicken breast in ssammu.”

Seohyun said that her dorm aunt was “like a mother,” and Hyoyeon responded, “Real moms ask a lot of questions. When are you broadcasting? My aunt didn’t ask any questions. so we can rest,” she said of the difference between her mom and her dorm aunt. Tiffany said, “Is there anything you want to eat? That’s it,” she recalled, recalling her aunt often asked at the hostel.

Hyoyeon said, “She didn’t say that she didn’t like my mother,” and made everyone laugh. Sunny said, “When she was eating alone at her table, her aunt sat in front of her. She misses me so much,” she missed. After that, Girls’ Generation unanimously matched the dorm aunt’s kimbap.



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