Aespa Surprised Everyone By Revealing That They Have No Diet Restrictions

Fans’ attention was focused on revealing that the members of the girl group Aespa, who boast unrealistic body like a doll, are not obsessed with diet.

Recently, in the YouTube web entertainment ‘Sake Treat Fighter 2’, where singer Kim Heechul is the MC, Aespa, a junior in the agency, appeared as a guest.

On this day, Aespa enjoyed the food served as an appetizer before drinking the cocktail.

Kim Heechul, who was looking at the juniors who eat well, said, “When I see girl groups, they always say that they have to go on a diet. Isn’t it difficult because of management?”

Then, Winter, a member of Aespa, immediately replied, “I don’t really do that,” drawing attention.

“I don’t choose food (even if I’m gaining weight),” Winter added. “If you really need to diet, eat less.”

The other members also nodded their heads as if sympathizing with Winter’s words and ate the food thoroughly.

Aespa members recently appeared on MBC’s ‘Omniscient Interfering View‘ and revealed that they do not manage their diet separately.

At that time, Karina caused surprised by saying that she ate 3 bags of ramen alone when she ate a lot.

Singer Song Ga In, who was listening, looked at the slim Karina and said, “There is no space for (three ramen) to fit in.” Karina said, “(The stomach) is spacious,” and made everyone laugh.



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