T-ara Jiyeon, Who Met Her Fans Recently Can’t Stop Herself From Shedding Tears

Jiyeon, a member and actress of the popular girl group T-ara, was moved to meet fans after a long time.

On July 31st, Jiyeon posted several photos on her Instagram, saying that she had a ‘solo fan meeting’ for the first time in 13 years of her debut.

In the photo, Jiyeon’s image of the first solo fan meeting seems to have not gone away.

Jiyeon seems to have been moved to tears by the warm support and cheers of her fans.

Even though Jiyeon announced her marriage to baseball player Hwang Jae Gyun earlier this year, it seems that she was moved by the fans who gave her unchanging love.

Along with the photo, she said, “It was a really happy time meeting you on the stage that I missed. It was hard to hold back the last song so as not to cry. Thank you for sharing another memory with you guys.”

Meanwhile, Jiyeon will marry Hwang Jae Gyun in December and become a couple.

Jiyeon, who also posted a couple photo on SNS, introduced her boyfriend directly to fans, saying, “I promised to marry a boyfriend who is like a gift in my life, who always takes care of me first, cherishes me, and tells me the meaning of happiness “



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