Sandara Park Shares Rare Moments Of Her Enjoying Filipino Foods

Singer Sandara Park reported her recent situation in the Philippines.

On July 30th, Sandara Park posted a picture on her Instagram story along with the caption, “How long have you been crazy..! Great supper in the Philippines”.

In the photo, dishes such as delicious chicken, spaghetti, and french fries are included. Sandara Park, known as the ‘news seat’, is eating more food than usual.

On July 31st, she also posted a picture of the cup noodles she ate, saying, “In the Philippines, it’s a big dinner. I even ate cup noodles for a late night meal! It’s seafood in white wine. Good pairing.”

Meanwhile, Sandara Park appeared on YouTube channel Red Garlic Studio’s ‘Sisters Who Don’t Eat Rice’ and revealed that she currently weighs 37 kg.



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