“Running Man” Production Team Released An Apology Statement Regarding The Illegal Parking Issue

The production team of SBS ‘Running Man’ apologized when the controversy over parking the car in a parking area for the disabled during filming arose.

The production team of ‘Running Man’ apologized for the controversy over illegally parking in a parking area for the disabled during filming.

On August 1st, SBS ‘Running Man’ production team through the official Instagram, after the broadcast on July 31st, about the controversy that the vehicle was illegally parked in an illegal parking area for the disabled during filming.

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This is the production team of ‘Running Man’.
The crew confirmed the crew’s car parked in the disabled parking area in the broadcast on July 31st.
To create a safe filming environment, the production team rented out the entire building of the Sangam Mountain Culture Experience Center and filmed.
This is the negligence of the production team without any excuses, and we sincerely apologize to the viewers who love and care for ‘Running Man’.
‘Running Man’ feels the responsibility of this incident and will try to be more careful in the production of the broadcast to prevent recurrence.



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