Red Velvet Joy Melted The Hearts Of Her Fans With What She Did To Her Staff

Red Velvet Joy expressed her gratitude towards the staff.

On July 31st, Joy posted several photos on her own Instagram with the caption, “Animal Farm Sister”.

In the published photo, Joy was taking pictures with the SBS ‘TV Animal Farm’ studio as the background.

Joy is looking at the camera and smiling brightly.

Wearing a sleeveless and blue skirt, Joy is posing in various poses, exuding a lovely charm.

Joy expressed her gratitude to the staff who meticulously check her styling, saying, “Thank you, dear XX, who is with me on all schedules.” In particular, a photo of the staff and shoulder-to-shoulder is also released, drawing attention.

The staff member also left a loving comment saying, “I am the happiest to be able to work with my sister.”

The two people taking care of each other made the viewers warm.

Meanwhile, Joy’s girl group ‘Red Velvet’ recently released a mini album ‘The ReVe Festival 2022 – Feel My Rhythm’, and performed active activities.



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