Netizens Express Their Empathy For Aespa’s Giselle Over The Hate Comments She Received On Some Of Her Youtube Short Videos

Aespa‘s Giselle has become a hot topic because of the hate comments she received on some of her solo videos.

On July 31, a critical post about Giselle began trending on Teens Stories‘ community board under the title, “Aespa Giselle’s hateful remarks are incredibly severe“.

The netizen who posted said, “If you look at short videos of Giselle on YouTube, all of the comments are rude to her. I think I’d cry if I were Giselle and I read all of those comments“.

The netizen then listed all the hate comments as the following:

Just by looking at her, her body is pretty average. And when you first see her, you don’t notice her long legs. Instead, you notice her heavy bones, wide waist, and lack of hips. I’ve never thought that her proportions are good because of this. When we bring these things up, fans always say things like, “Compared to her height, her waist size length is blah blah blah.” They use every kind of adjective they can think of to try to get her to move. But the fact that we have to see so few details about her to even know she’s there shows that she doesn’t have much to brag about to begin with

“Her long legs are the only thing she can brag about. But her short waist and wrong upper body proportions make her body the worstㅋㅋ”

“This person’s legs are this long, and their waist size is that long ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ”

“Are they meant to be long or short? They are just legs to me (meaning there’s nothing special about it)”.

“Fans always write things like, “You guys are exploding with feelings of inferiority toward Giselle. You guys are jealous”. Why would I be jealous of Giselle when I could be jealous of Karina or Winter instead? In all honesty, Karina and Winter’s jealous actions are far worse than Giselle’s. Giselle has no talent at all, whether it’s singing, dancing, or rapping. She doesn’t have a pretty face either. She got her start because her aunt helped her, and now she’s making the team work harder. While that is going on, Giselle’s fans are always reaching out with their shields and trying to praise her, but they just look f*cked, which makes people hate her even more. What lack of confidence and envy? They can’t even deal with the real problem”.

“The same Height IZ*ONE Kim Minju VS Giselle Taller. height IVE Jang Wonyoung VS Giselle. Lesser height Fromis 9 Lee Nakyung VS Giselle. Giselle has the overwhelming loss no matter what. People always say things that aren’t true when they say that her 163-inch height makes her proportions look good and try desperately to praise her. Nothing to do with how tall she is. From an outside point of view, her proportions aren’t good, so please don’t talk about them. Even if Giselle weighed 180 pounds, she wouldn’t have good proportions because she’s so fat”

“Why are [her legs] so long? People always talk about Giselle’s legs, even though Jang Wonyoung’s legs are longer. You guys do everything you can to compliment her. She has O-shaped legs, and her ankles are big, so even if they were long, I’m not sure if that would be considered pretty. Stop the gaslighting, SM cult members!”.

“I don’t even know what it is about [her legs] that makes them so long. There are so many other idosl who are cuter than her. Since all people say about Giselle is how long her legs are, it seems like Aespa’s fans have nothing else to say about her besides how long her legs are”.

“Am I weird? Even though Winter is wearing these pants, her legs look longer than hers”.

“I feel bad that the only thing she has going for her is how long her legs are. When is she going to stop?”.

“If I may be blunt, Giselle doesn’t have anything special about it.
There are so many more beautiful faces out there than Giselle’s… And the trainees had to compete for a long time before they could debut, but she did it through SM with those skills, which doesn’t make sense. Her skills don’t stand out, and she doesn’t have anything else that stands out either. When you look at Giselle, she looks like one of the extras at a high school party in a movie.
Think about how unfair it must have felt to the trainees who were getting ready to debut. I’m even impressed that people are protecting her. I think Giselle might have taken the place of someone else who could have come out first”.

Other netizens quickly shared their opinions regarding the post:

“I always think that kids who say things like that will get what they deserve. If people see that they can leave a few comments that go too far and still don’t get caught, they will keep writing worse and worse comments. I really hope that they get what’s coming to them”.

“Who do they think they are to write these kinds of comments? Are they happy that they can “explain” why they can leave hateful comments? Everything they do will come back to them like a boomerang”.

“Don’t they know that they’re the ones leaving hateful comments?”.

” I don’t know when it became normal to attack people. If you follow their reasoning, if you’re a celebrity and get a job where people can see you, you should expect to be attacked. So are they going to have to deal with it for the rest of their lives? Those kids make me happy. Anyway, Giselle is already in Aespa and doing well, so why are they being so rude? Do they not realize how bad their actions will make them feel?”

“When people criticize Aespa now, it looks like they’re fooling themselves into thinking it’s cool to point fingers… Why are young people losing hope even more than the kkondaes? (seniors who act like they are in charge) At least kkondaes can make a case, but why are young brats so drunk on their sense of power that no matter how hard others try, how much they change, or how much they apologize, they still feel the need to treat others as if they are lower than them? It looks like they have nowhere else to let off steam, so they leave comments on YouTube.”

“They all take videos from Sojang, Luminark, eggs accounts, etc. as facts and are full of hate. When people try to tell them that this isn’t true, they call those people “extreme groupies” to make themselves feel better”

“The words are indeed harsh, but I really hope the fans stop their worshipping of her legs”.

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