Kim Seon Ho Flashes His Dreamy Smile As He Poses With A Blooming Rose

Kim Seon-ho‘s recent status has been revealed.

On August 1st, on the official Instagram of actor Kim Seon-ho‘s staff, two photos were posted with the caption, “Favorite photos. It’s a hot summer, but I wish you a happy August like a blooming rose“.

In the published photo, Kim Seon-ho is smiling with a rose on his palm. Gently fan dimples and honey dripping eyes create a bright atmosphere. Fans continue to cheer for the bright current situation.

On the other hand, Kim Seon-ho’s comeback play, “Touching the Void“, is a work that contains a huge snow mountain in a blizzard, the fear of being trapped in the harsh nature, and the fighting spirit of life overcoming that fear.

Moreover, Kim Seon-ho gathered a lot of attention by showing tears at the “Touching the Void” press call, the first official public appearance after his return.

Touching the Void” will be performed at ArtiOne Theater 2, Daehangno, from the opening on July 8th until September 18th.



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