Honey Lee, Who Was Quiet After Giving Birth, Showed Up For The First Time In Over A Month

Actress Honey Lee was captured in a healthy state about a month after giving birth.

Actress Lee Hye Young, who is working as a painter, revealed her recent status through her Instagram on the 31st of July.

She posted several photos with the caption, “Congratulations to Honey’s new family!”

In the published photo, Lee Hye Young was seen visiting Honey Lee‘s house.

It seems that Lee Hye Young presented the painting for Honey Lee and her daughter, who recently gave birth.

Honey Lee received a painting gift and left a photo with a bright smile. Even after giving birth, her beautiful beauty still attracts attention.

In addition, the recent situation, which was delivered about a month after giving birth, adds to the joy of the fans.

Lee Hye Young also left a comment saying, “Joy (Lee Honey’s daughter Tae-myung), be the healthiest and happiest person in the world~~!!”

Honey Lee married her non-celebrity husband in December of last year, and gave birth to a daughter at a hospital in Seoul on June 20 of this year.

It is said that it is thanks to Lee Hye Young that she has formed a relationship with her current husband.

In a pictorial interview conducted with fashion magazine Vogue Korea in May, before giving birth, Honey Lee said, “There is no rush (for the return period). I want to spend enough time with my child. I think it would be good in the first half of next year.”



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