BTS’ Jimin Cheers J-Hope On During His “Lollapalooza” Performance, And Their Friendship Is Everything

J-Hope, a member of the global super group “BTS“, talked about what it was like to be the main stage headliner at the end of the big American music festival “Lollapalooza“.

On August 1, J-Hope looked back and said on V Live, “Everyone, it’s finally over. Thank you“. He went on to say, “I practiced about six hours a day. As J-Hope of BTS, I didn’t want to ruin the group’s reputation“.

J-Hope went on stage at “Lollapalooza” on July 31 and sang 18 songs for about an hour.

J-Hope said, “When Jimin got there, I started laughing out loud. It gave me a lot of help and strength, and he was happy that I had come this far. When I got here, I didn’t feel hungry, so I didn’t eat. But when Jimin came, it was the first time I had rice. It happened. The sense of stability that the members and friends give is too great”. He thanked Jimin for traveling so far to be there“.

Jimin said, “Hyung was really tired. I knew he had a hard time for a month or two, but he lost a lot of weight in a dark room with no lights on. He said it was hard, but at the performance he was so cool. The performance was also very good, and I went to see it today as a fan “.

J-Hope responded by saying, “Jimin was a big help. Getting ready for the wedding was a really dark world, but you were my light “. Jimin said, “We haven’t done it together for a long time, right? The first time Hyung tried it, It has to be sad “, he agreed

J-Hope concluded by saying, “I think it was a great time for me. It’s fun to put myself to the test. At the moment, all of the members are working and doing well. Thank you so much for your support in Korea. I’ll see you“, he greeted



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