ASTRO’s Moonbin, Who Played Young Kim Bum In “Boys Over Flowers” Now Turned Into A Hottie And We Are Not Okay

Fans were surprised to learn that Moonbin of ASTRO previously appeared as a young Kim Bum in “Boys Over Flowers”.

Moonbin, who debuted in the music industry in 2016 as a member of the idol group ASTRO, was a child actor on KBS2‘s “Boys Over Flowers” seven years earlier.

Moonbin displayed his adorable beauty at the time by appearing as the child of Kim Beom, who portrayed So Yi Jeong.

Moonbin, who has had large eyes and fair skin since childhood, continues to captivate women with his strong physique and endearing appearance as an adult.

Water Bomb Busan 2022” has recently gained momentum. The sculptural abs of Moonbin were enough to make the crowd scream.

Moonbin also performed a fierce choreography by bending his upper body as far back as possible, displaying his incredibly strong and muscular body.

Fans responded enthusiastically to the appearance of Moonbin, who is tall enough to be considered the key part of a coup, with phrases such as “He matured well” and “Baby face and body are completely reversed.”

In March, Moonbin returned as a member of ASTRO‘s unit group Moonbin & Sanha and issued the second mini album “REFUGE.



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