Aespa Winter Made Netizens Heart-Pounding With Her Dance Cover Of SHINee Taemin’s ‘MOVE’

Aespa Winter exuded a different charm and made the hearts of fans flutter.

On July 30th, Aespa held their first face-to-face fan meeting in two years of their debut, and during the fan meeting, Winter showed off her splendid dance skills and gathered a lot of attention.

In the video of the fan meeting scene, Winter was shown riding a rhythm to the song ‘MOVE‘ by Taemin of SHINee, a senior from the same agency.

Winter, who had shyly held back her laughter, immediately immersed herself in the dance with an alluring expression.

Especially in the highlight part, Winter showed off her sticky wave and showed off her dancing skills, drawing cheers from fans.

Winter moved her body softly and flexibly and digested the movements in a concise and simple manner.

Winter’s choreography to the beat was sexy and charismatic, and the response from the audience did not stop.

Winter, who has shown off her eight-color charm through various stages, once again overwhelms the crowd with a different charm, collecting topics.

After finishing the movement, Winter made the fans ‘heart-thumping’ until the end with a cute smile as if shy, unlike when dancing sexy.

Meanwhile, at this fan meeting, Aespa not only performed ‘Black Mamba’, ‘Next Level’, ‘Savage’, etc., as well as the second mini album title song ‘Girls’, ‘Life’s Too Short’ and ‘Illusion’, including hit songs.

The march turned the scene into a crucible of enthusiasm.



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