Girls’ Generation’s Yoona Pulls Off Youthful Look in School Uniform For “Big Mouth”

Im Yoon-ah, a member and actress of the group Girls’ Generation, revealed her recent status wearing a school uniform.

On July 30th, Im Yoon-ah posted a picture on her SNS along with the caption, “MBC drama with Miho and the 2nd episode today #BigMouth #The_Big_Mouth #GoMiho #LimIm Yoon-ah #LIMIm Yoon-ah #limIm Yoon-ah__official #Yongstagram” has been posted.

In published photos, she appears to be wearing a school uniform while filming the recent drama “Big Mouth.”

Big Mouth” is the story of a lawyer with a 10% win rate who becomes entangled in a murder case he inadvertently takes on.

Im Yoon-ah‘s “Go Mi Ho” is a nurse who, prior to her marriage to Chang Ho, was a lover of all due to her natural beauty and strong charm.

Fans reacted as follows: “Is it okay to call you unnie? “, “I see another 30-year-old who looks good in school uniforms like this“, “Is this what Girls’ Generation means forever? “, etc.

In the meantime, Girls’ Generation, to which Im Yoon-ah belongs, has become a hot topic due to the 15th anniversary of their debut and the news of their complete comeback in approximately five years.



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