Netizens Are Admiring Red Velvet Irene’s Dedication Towards Her Work In The Released Trailer Of “Irene’s Walk and Holiday”

A teaser video for ‘Irene’s Walk and Holiday’ has been released, featuring singer Irene on stage and her daily life on a trip to Bali with close staff. Below is the YouTube screen

Red Velvet Irene revealed a part of her daily travel life with the staff.

SM C&C Studio, the production company of the entertainment program ‘Irene’s Walk and Holiday’, released a main teaser video on July 29th that gives a glimpse into the daily life of singer Irene and human Bae Joo Hyun.

‘Irene’s Walk and Holiday’ is a program that promotes Irene’s first reality variety show, and the production company explains that she is going on vacation with the ‘Chinchin’ (real friend) staff who have been with her on all schedules and daily life from the beginning of her debut until now.

The program drew public attention in that it portrayed the daily life of Irene and her staff, along with the past that climbed on the cutting board as the cause of the controversy over her past staff abuse.

With the launch of this program, Irene, who suffered a blow to her image as a result of the ‘controversy of power abuse’, has emerged as a concern of K-pop fans whether Irene can try to reverse it.

In the teaser video released this time, Irene preparing for her stage and her traveling with her staff to Bali, Indonesia are depicted.

Before the concert stage, Irene received the staff’s makeup and showed a nervous look, saying, “This stage is really shaky.” In addition to this, she instructs the staff to “mark the center”, and she also showed meticulous preparation for the stage.

On her Bali trip, she announced her bright current situation as if she had let go of her worries. She can feel her passion for her program in the appearance of Irene, who continues her march, saying, “There is no one left behind.”

The production team emphasized, “It will be a time to meet singer Irene and human Bae Joo-hyun, who have various charms, at the same time.”

‘Irene’s Walk and Holiday’ will be released on the OTT platform Season (Seezn) every Thursday and Friday at 6 pm starting from August 4. Anyone can watch it for free, regardless of carrier.



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