Lee Sung Kyung Shares Her Advice On How She Maintains Her Body Healthily And It Is Definitely Inspirational

Actress Lee Sung Kyung revealed her body’s secret.

The magazine W Korea side posted a video on its official YouTube channel on the afternoon of July 29 titled “Lee Sung Kyung‘s body management method. If you plan to go on a diet, be sure to watch this video”.

In the video, Lee Sung Kyung stated, “Many people ask me, ‘Do you not eat?’ or ‘Do you only eat salad every day?’

Of course, I will eat when I need to lose weight in a particular way, but if I want to eat healthily and snack, I eat in moderation and exercise as much as I eat,” she said. “Exercise is more important than intensity

She added, “The most important thing is to do it consistently every day, even if it’s just for 10 minutes. Instead of going out once and getting sick, if you’re not feeling well, exercise lightly and frequently; if you’re feeling well, exercise vigorously and frequently “.

In addition, Lee Sung Kyung drew attention by posing the question, “The next meal will be twice as steamed if you skip it. You must not starve “.

In addition, she revealed, “I’ve always said I want to become a good actor, I want to show good works every day, and I want to become an actor I can trust and see, and despite the fact that I am still lacking, my fans say I am a trustworthy person.



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