Lee Jung Jae And Jung Woo Sung Will Have A Surprise Appearance In “Omniscient Interfering View”

Actors Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung will appear on MBC’s ‘Omniscient Interfering View.”

As a result of the coverage of Spotify News on July 29th, Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung are scheduled to make a surprise appearance on MBC’s entertainment program ‘Omniscient Interfering View“. It is scheduled to be recorded at the end of this month.

Lee Jung Jae and Jung Woo Sung are about to release the movie ‘Hunt’ (director Lee Jung-jae) on the 10th of August.

It is a work in which the two work together for the first time in 25 years since ‘No Sun’, and it is a work in which Lee Jung Jae is a producer, director and actor.

In particular, it is expected that Lee Young Ja and Jung Woo Sung will be reunited in this appearance in ‘At the time of war’.

Previously, Jung Woo Sung made a surprise appearance in ‘Cheongchan’ in 2019 and watched the premiere and ate with Lee Young Ja.

At that time, the two ate octopus bibimbap and gathered explosive topics with their unusual chemistry, and attention is paid to what kind of breathing the three will show as they are with Lee Jung Jae in this reunion.

Meanwhile, ‘Hunt’ is an espionage action drama that unfolds in the face of a huge incident called ‘Korea’s No. 1 Assassination Operation’ in which the National Security Agency agents Park Pyong Ho (Lee Jung Jae) and Kim Jeong Do (Jung Woo Sung), who suspect each other in order to search for a hidden spy in the organization, face each other. It will be released on August 10th.

Hunt‘ starring Jung Woo Sung and Lee Jung Jae is scheduled to air in August.



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