Lee Jun Ho Who Kept His Promise To Lee Deok Hwa Caught The Hearts Of Netizens

Lee Jun Ho, who took on a fishing challenge, burned his enthusiasm for the first challenge that was not easy.

In the 4th episode of Channel A’s entertainment program ‘Only Trust Me, Follow Me, Urban Fisherman Season 4’ (hereafter ‘Urban Fisherman 4’) broadcast on July 30th, the best friends of the urban fishermen came to the rescue, ‘The 1st One Heart Freshwater Fishing Contest’ unfold

On this day, the identities of the best friends, which aroused everyone’s curiosity, were revealed. Lee Kyung Gyu’s best friend Jo Hye Ryun, Lee Tae Gon’s best friend Park Mi Sun, and Lee Deok Hwa’s best friend Lee Jun Ho were the main characters. In particular, singer and actor Lee Jun Ho was known for appearing in ‘Urban Fisherman’ before the broadcast, and gathered topics.

Lee Deok Hwa and Lee Jun Ho appeared together in the MBC drama ‘The Red Sleeve’.

Lee Jun Ho promised Lee Deok Hwa, who he had a relationship with as a halbamama in the drama, to appear in ‘Urban Fisherman’ while filming the drama. .

Meanwhile, the scene heated up only with the appearance of Lee Jun Ho, who turned the gravel road in the fishing ground into a red carpet. The production team even prepared placards themselves, and the enthusiasm was hot enough to support Junho.

When all the production crew’s attention was focused on Lee Jun Ho, it is said that Park Mi Sun was cutely jealous, saying, “It’s too much for the same guest.”

Since then, Lee Jun Ho, a beginner in fishing, has no experience, but with a young spirit, he took on a fishing challenge with enthusiasm.

Did the freshwater god help? The ‘one-hearted freshwater fishing contest’ where the fishery exploded. In the midst of shouting hits here and there, only Lee Jun Ho‘s fishing rod was silent. As the no bite continued, Lee Jun Ho expressed his frustration by saying, “I want to catch even a catch,” and even a situation where the fishing ground roared to leave, aroused curiosity.



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