AOA Jimin Brought Huge Smiles To Her Fans With Her Latest Instagram Update

Jimin is into fishing.

On the afternoon of July 29th, AOA Jimin posted a few photos on her Instagram.

In the published photo, Jimin is fishing. Jimin, concentrating on fishing while squatting, seems to have succeeded in catching fish.

The figure of her holding a fish with both hands and showing a bright smile seems innocent.

Fans are also cheering for Jimin’s bright recent situation.

Meanwhile, Jimin announced her departure from AOA in 2020 and a cessation of entertainment activities.

However, she recently revealed that she has signed an exclusive contract with Alo Marlo Entertainment and will resume her activities.

Jimin said through his agency, “I’ve been thinking a lot, and I’ve had time to reflect on myself. I’m still cautious, but I’m trying to take it one step at a time. Please keep an eye on me in the future.”



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