Park Eun Bin Revealed The Reason Why She Don’t Like Swimming Even If Its Summer

Actress Park Eun Bin’s ‘reason for saving herself’ was known.

It draws attention by revealing that she does not go to the swimming pool even in the hot summer.

In the past, a video titled ‘Self-camera and spending leisure time with Hawaii VLOG Dreams’ was uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Namoo Actors.

The released video contains a travel vlog of Park Eun Bin, who went on a trip to Hawaii.

At the end of the video, Park Eun Bin appeared in the epilogue video. “She has been working since she was young, and she has been working since she was five, so her need for safety is high,” she said.

As the reason,s e said, “I have the idea that if there is a setback for me, it should never happen.”

She surprised everyone by confessing, “I didn’t go to the swimming pool in the summer because I was afraid I would get really sick, and I didn’t even go to the ski resort in winter because I was afraid I would break or get hurt.”

As she is known as Rh-A among the rare blood type Rh-, which accounts for about 1% of Asians, Park Eun Bin seems to be particularly cautious at all times.



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