Oh My Girl’s Arin Looks Like An Angel Fallen From The Sky In Her Recent Instagram Update

Oh My Girl‘s Arin transformed into a pure fairy.

On July 28th, Arin posted a picture on her Instagram.

In the published photo, Arin is preparing to shoot in a park with a wide green field. Wearing her white dress, Arin exuded her neat charm, and she transformed into a goddess with a faint atmosphere.

Although her figure is faint, Arin brightly colored the surroundings by showing off her fresh youngest charm.

Arin, who seems to have gone on a bad diet during her recent debut as an actress, caught her attention with her slender body that seemed to be blown away by the wind of her electric fan.

Meanwhile, Oh My Girl’s Arin is currently playing the role of Jin Cho Yeon in the tvN Saturday and Sunday drama ‘Welcome’.



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