Netizens Were Suprised To Hear Sandara Park’s Diet Plan In Achieving 38 Kg

Sandara Park revealed that she has returned to her previous weight of 38 kilos.

Sandara Park, who connected by phone with the podcast broadcast ‘Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook’s Confidentiality’, which was released on July 27th, confessed that she was a ‘newsperson’.

Sandara Park, who gained weight up to 47kg while working with Kim Sook on ‘Video Star’, said during a phone call with Kim Sook,I don’t want to go back to that time.”

She continued, “Because I’m short, (47kg) was too heavy for me. The stylist cried and said, ‘Can you lose some weight?’ There wasn’t,“.

On the other hand, Kim Sook, who recently met Sandara Park while filming a web variety show, immediately asked, “How many kilos?” When asked how she lost weight, Sandara Park said, “There are times when stress comes all at once. My appetite has gone down.

“I also played a part in independence. I was excited to eat ramen noodles for 3 to 4 months, and I felt lonely, and I missed home-cooked food. I was able to survive with just one banana,” she said.

Sandara Park, who said that there were times when she was too lazy to eat and watched TV, and then did not eat anything all day, said, “I am not hungry when I feel good.

The news is innate. Sandara Park said, “My mother was upset. I haven’t eaten since a long time ago, and I ate (and did) a yogurt. That’s why I didn’t grow taller. I didn’t eat a lot. I remember cutting a bag of ramen noodles in elementary school and sharing it for several days.” It surprised Song Eun Yi and Kim Sook.

When Kim Sook asked how she could reduce her cravings, Sandara Park said, “A lot of people ask me how to do it, and my throat is closed even if I don’t try. More,”.

Sandara Park, who had never managed to manage her weight even during 2NE1‘s promotions, said, “The members always had a diet, but I ate tang fried rice and pork cutlet in front of them.

Meanwhile, Sandara Park and Park So Hyun are appearing in the web entertainment ‘Sisters Who Don’t Taste Rice’.



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