Netizens Are In Awe Of Aespa Giselle’s Bare No-Makeup Face In Latest Instagram Update

Aespa‘s Giselle surprised everyone by showing her bare face.

On July 27, Giselle posted a few photos of her recent situation on Aespa‘s official Instagram. These are Giselle’s selfies in the mirror.

In the photos that was published, Giselle is wearing a comfortable striped T-shirt and shorts. Most of all, Giselle‘s face without makeup makes it hard for people not to notice her.

Despite her bare face, her tall nose, big eyes, and transparent skin stand out. The innocent beauty of Giselle draws her attention. Her fans also responded with heart emojis and were shocked to see her face without makeup.

Aespa, which Giselle is a part of, is making a comeback with their new song “Girls,” which K-pop fans all over the world love.



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