Min Hee Jin Accused Of Using “Lolita” Concept for Girl Group “NewJeans” Promotion

HYBE label’s new girl group is noisy again. This is because, following LE SSERAFIM, the controversy over Min Hee Jin‘s new girl group NewJeans arose.

On July 27th, in an online community, a controversy has arisen when Min Hee Jin posted past Instagram posts, movies, and concept photos that Min Hee Jin was presumed to have referenced during the production of her girl group.

Earlier, Min Hee Jin revealed a room with a picture of a girl seen half-naked with older men on her Instagram.

According to netizens, the girl is the main character of a foreign movie released in the past, and the plot is shocking.

The movie is said to be about a man who married the mentally retarded daughter of a wealthy woman for investment purposes, conspiring something to her in order to break up.

Another movie she posted tells the love story of an 18-year-old female protagonist and a 58-year-old male protagonist.

Many netizens express their displeasure, saying that Min Hee Jin, who oversees the group with former members underage, was inspired by these films.

However, with the youngest member of NewJeans being 14 years old, Hee Jin‘s allegedly glamorizing p**dophilia in her concepts are making fans uncomfortable.

Also, many people are opposed to the clothing NewJeans members were seen wearing, such as the “PIMP is Yours” T-shirt.

This recent topic of discussion has sparked a heated debate in numerous online communities, where netizens continue to discuss it.

Netizens commented:

  • Well, when she was with SM Entertainment, people thought she was a p**dophile.
  • She made those girls wear that shirt, but why?
  • She’s always been like this like f(x)’s Lolita and SHINee’s concepts
  • Those pictures on her wall are a bit shocking
  • I would be creeped out if I went to someone’s room and saw those type of photos
  • I think it’s so crazy since she’s dressing those girls who are so young
  • Oh wow, that’s so crazy
  • She caused a controversy when she was in SM too because of the concept she made for the young idols
  • SM is so scary. They’re trying to step on her like this since she left the company and is so successful. This post already got 5 recommendations it seems that people are trying to get this to the recommendation page by tomorrow
  • Brooke Shields is legendary

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