Lee Hyun Yi Recalls The Hillarious Moment When She Did A Beer Commercial With Actor Jo In Sung

Model Lee Hyun Yi revealed why she was called ‘Jo In Sung’s woman in the advertising world.

The MBC entertainment program ‘Radio Star’, which was broadcast on July 27th, was ‘Why do you work with your family?’ Among the special features, broadcaster Sayuri, model Lee Hyun Yi,singers DinDin and Gri appeared and talked.

On this day’s broadcast, MC Yoo Se Yoon asked, “Is Lee Hyun Yi called ‘Jo In Sung’s woman in the advertising world?”

Lee Hyun Yi said, “It’s a really old commercial. It was a beer commercial. It was filmed in the spring, but I had to go out in the summer, so I wore a bikini at Haeundae”.

Lee Hyun Yi said, “Haeundae, so there were a lot of people. She was embarrassed about Jo In Sung and anything, so I thought I had to finish it quickly,” .

She recalled the time, “(To Jo In-seong), I rushed to get him up. I picked him up and held hands there, spinning round and round, knocking him over, and Jo In Sung’s full makeup, but he just sprayed water and made a fuss,”.

She continued, “After that, Jo In Sung turned to the camera and said, ‘Stop,’ and ‘What is this? Let’s stop filming’.

Lee Hyun Yi recalled that time by saying that he met Jo In Sung at the awards ceremony 4-5 years later after filming the commercial.

Lee Hyun Yi said, “And after about 4 or 5 years, there was an awards ceremony called the ‘Style Icon Awards’, and Jo In Sung came. I said hello and he said, ‘It’s been a long time.

MC Ahn Young Mi shouted, “Awesome!” to Jo In Sung’s warm story, and expressed his emotion by covering his mouth, and MC Gura Kim joked, “I think you did it very badly in that short time.”



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