Kim Jong Kook Shares That He Gets Some Invites From Gay People To Do Exercise Together

Singer and broadcaster Kim Jong Kook confessed that he is popular with gay people.

Broadcaster Hong Seok Cheon and comedian Kim Ji Min appeared as guests on ‘Problem Child in House‘, which was broadcast on July 27th.

Hong Seok Cheon, the 1st coming-out celebrity, confessed that he had two ideal types among the cast of ‘Ok Moon Son’.

First, he pointed to Min Kyung Hoon, saying, “He has a boyish face, but I want his body to be angry. I didn’t see his body when I was younger. I liked that style.”

He continued, “As I grew older, my ideal type changed. I like Jongguk’s style.”

Hong Seok Cheon claimed that Kim Jong Kook is a popular style among gay men. He said, “Jongkook sometimes comes to our store, and he is very popular with people like me. Jongkook will be popular in the United States as well.” He said the gaze towards him was hot.”

In response, Kim Jong Kook said, “Isn’t the social atmosphere different from before? It doesn’t feel bad even if people with this orientation like me.”

He also said that he had been dashed by gay members at the gym. He also emphasized, “People in this area appeal to me to exercise together. It’s not a lie.”



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