Jang Gyuri Reportedly Will Leave Fromis_9 — Other 8 Members Transferred Contracts To Pledis Entertainment

Jang Gyuri is leaving the group Fromis_9.

Pledis Entertainment, which works for Fromis_9, said on July 28, “From August, Fromis_9 will reorganize the team as an eight-member group. After the release of the mini-album vol. 5 “From Our Memento Box“, Jang Gyuri will stay active as a member of Fromis_9 until July 31. On that day, she will end her contract with our agency “.

Except for Jang Gyuri, Lee Sae Rom, Song Ha Young, Park Ji Won, Roh JiSun, Lee Seo Teon, Lee Chae Young, Lee Na Kyung, and Baek Ji Heon moved their agency to Pledis in August 2021 and signed an exclusive contract. Jang Gyuri has kept her original contract with the agency that used to represent her.

Fromis_9 is a girl group that got its start on Mnet’s “Idol School” survival audition show.

The following is the full text of the agency’s official position.


This is Pledis Entertainment.

We would like to thank the fans who have always supported Fromis 9 and inform you about the group’s upcoming activities.

From August 9 onward, Fromis 9 will be reorganize as an eight-member team and plan to meet fans in the second half of the year through a variety of activities, including a Japan tour. Member Jang Gyuri concludes promotions for her fifth mini-album “From our Memento Box,” and as of July 31, Fromis 9 activities and contracts with us are terminated early, and a new challenge commences.

In August 2021, eight members of Fromis 9 (Lee Sae Rom, Song Ha Young, Park Ji Won, Roh Jisun, Lee Seo Yeon, Lee Chae Young, Lee Na Kyung, and Baek Ji Heon) transferred their agency to Pledis and signed a new exclusive contract. Jang Gyuri maintained the terms of her original contract with her previous agency, and we have been managing her team and individual activities.

This decision was made after lengthy consideration of the best direction for each individual. The eight members of Fromis 9, who are about to take a new step forward, and Jang Gyuri, who has given her all as a member of Fromis 9, need your unwavering support and love.

We will continue to actively support Fromis 9 in a variety of fields so that they can continue to develop as an artist.

Thank you.



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