IU Is Surprised By The Similarity She Has With BTS’ J-Hope When Drunk

Singer IU and BTS’ J-Hope met.

On July 28th, a video titled “IU’s Palette j-hope In The Palette (With j-hope) Ep.14” was uploaded on IU‘s official YouTube channel.

IU said, “I was surprised to hear of this person’s appearance. It’s the first time I’ve had a conversation with him. I think it’s going to be a nervous and exciting ‘palette’“.

There was also another commonality. IU said, “And I spotted another thing. Another coincidence. Your mood rapidly goes down when you get drunk?“, she asked.

To this, J-Hope said, “Yes, before, I’m excited like. Let’s get drunk! But then… when I get drunk. I’ll be like“.

IU said, “I too never drink when I’m down. I shrink and become silent when I get drunk“.
J-Hope also agreed, saying, “I felt a similarity there. That always happens. I get strangely calm when I’m drunkJ-Hope added, “I’m not good with alcohol. Go to parties…I don’t drink very well“.



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