Song Kang Ho Praised Im Si Wan Impressive Acting Performance In “Emergency Declaration”

Actor Song Kang Ho did not spare his praise for his junior Im Si Wan

On the morning of July 27th, Song Kang Ho had a video interview with Wikitree ahead of the release of the movie ‘Emergency Declaration’ (director Jae-rim Han).

On this day, Song Kang Ho was asked if there was an actor who impressed him the most in ‘Emergency Declaration‘ and said, “As you all know, Im Si Wan receives a lot of praise. In the movie ‘The Roundup’, if there was Son Seok Koo, we also talked about Im Si Wan,” he laughed.

Then, “Im Si Wan really did a great job beyond expectations, no, as expected,” he praised.

In the meantime, Song Kang Ho did not forget the actors who acted as passengers on the plane. He said, “The people who appear as passengers are very good actors. I think the whole movie survived because they did their respective roles so well,”

Emergency Declaration‘ is an aviation disaster film that tells the story of a plane that has declared an unconditional landing as an unprecedented aviation terrorism.

Song Kang Ho takes on the role of In Ho, a veteran detective who struggles to prevent a disaster in the play. The movie will be released on August 3rd.



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