Jun Ji Hyun’s Endorsement Was So Powerful That A Chicken Brand Raised Its Sales Up To 5 Times In The First Half of 2022

In the first half of the year, Jun Ji Hyun ranked third in top-tier sales.

In the Mnet “TMI News” broadcast on July 27, the rankings for “The first half of 2022’s top 10 stars with top-tier sales” were revealed.

It is known that Jun Ji Hyun was a model for 22 brands in the first half of the year alone. Her current activities range from chicken commercials to the curry, chocolate, fashion, beauty, and investment industries.

For the past nine years, Jun Ji Hyun has worked as a model for longevity in chicken commercials.

The brand’s annual sales, which were 82.6 billion won before Jun Ji Hyun became a model, have reportedly increased to 400.4 billion won. Asia’s chimaek craze was spearheaded by Jun Ji Hyun through this advertisement.

Solely in the first half, Jun Ji Hyun is known to have generated 13 billion won in sales, proving her enduring stardom.

The broadcast of “TMI News” occurs every Wednesday at 8 p.m.



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