Hyun Bin Almost Played The Male Lead Role In “Kill Me Heal Me” But Refused The Offer

In 2015, Kill Me Heal Me as soon as it aired, created a fever on Korean screens and some countries in Asia because of its new and attractive content and newly released cast. talent, and color. 

The film immediately attracted the audience’s attention thanks to the introduction of a male protagonist – Cha Do Hyun has 6 personalities because he had an unhappy childhood.

Kill Me, Heal Me caused a fever with new and attractive content. 
(Photo: MBC)

Thanks to the success of the film, the cast in the film made a name for itself in the Korean entertainment industry. (Photo: MBC)

Each character of Cha Do Hyun has its own charm, sometimes transforming into Shin Se Gi – a rebellious playboy, sometimes becoming Ahn Yo Na – a girl crazy for handsome boys and even a little girl. age – Nana.

Through the excellent acting of actor Ji Sung, Cha Do Hyun’s personalities are clearly expressed in each person’s personality, no one mixes with anyone, even the audience is “infatuated with” ” with the overbearing, brazen personality of Shin Se Gi because of his attractive appearance.

Cha Do Hyun’s personalities. 
(Photo: MBC)

Ahn Yo Na is a cute schoolgirl who loves handsome boys. 
(Photo: MBC)

Shin Se Gi has an attractive and domineering appearance. (Photo: MBC)

However, few people know that Ji Sung is not the first choice for Cha Do Hyun, this role was originally intended for actor Hyun Bin.

According to Soompi, right when the project was in the casting stage, the producer of Kill Me, Heal Me wanted to target an A-list star for the male lead position.

And that person is Hyun Bin – Son Ye Jin’s husband. However, the actor ” Crash Landing on You ” declined this invitation to cooperate.

Hyun Bin was originally chosen for the role of Cho Do Hyun. 
(Photo: MBC)

However, Son Ye Jin’s husband refused to participate. 
(Photo: Naver)

Back in 2015, at that time, Hyun Bin also received an invitation to participate in the work ” Hyde, Jekyll, Me” with the character Goo Seo Jin – a rich and handsome third generation tycoon, however he was not has a personality disorder with two co-existing personalities.

 This character is somewhat similar to Cha Do Hyun in Kill Me, Heal Me and only has less personality. In the end, Son Ye Jin‘s husband chose Hyde, Jekyll, Me and ignored Kill Me, Heal Me.

He refused to participate in Kill Me, Heal Me to act in the movie Hyde, Jekyll, Me. 
(Photo: SBS)

Shaping Hyun Bin’s tycoon in the movie. (Photo: SBS)

By the time Hyde, Jekyll, and Me were on the air, the popularity was not very good, while Kill Me, Heal Me consecutively won a rating of 10% nationwide for the highest episode. 

Thanks to the success of this work, Ji Sung received many prestigious awards in the 2015 MBC Drama Awards.

The failure of  Hyde, Jekyll, and Me made Hyun Bin a big influence. 
(Photo: SBS)

Ji Sung received many awards thanks to Kill Me, Heal Me. 
(Photo: MBC)

Ji Sung received many awards thanks to Kill Me, Heal Me. 
(Photo: MBC)Park Seo Joon and Ji Sung were confused when they received the most popular couple award. 
( Photo: MBC)

Missing Kill Me, Heal Me, many viewers expressed their regret for Hyun Bin, but others said that it is unlikely that the actor will be able to show a Cha Do Hyun with many personalities like Ji Sung.



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