Fromis_9’s Roh Jisun Under Fire For Alleged Rudeness Towards Her Manager

Roh Jisun of the group Fromis_9 was accused of mistreating her manager, causing a controversy.

On July 26th, a video of Roh Jisun‘s recent treatment of a manager at a baseball field spread across YouTube and other online communities.

On April 6 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul, a baseball game was played between Kiwoom Heroes and LG Twins, and Fromis_9 performed a celebratory performance and threw out the first pitch.

Afterward, while sitting in the stands to watch baseball, member Roh Jisun was observed calling the manager with a so-called “finger snap.”

Several netizens who witnessed this behavior felt like “the manager is being disrespected“. The gesture “finger snap” was used to call servants when the status system was still in place, especially in the Western world, because it is considered rude.

However, some people showed advocacy reactions such as “It’s something we can do because we’re comfortable“, “It’s a controversy over one thing“, and “Everything is controversial“.

Fromis_9, which Roh Jisun is a member of, is a Mnet audition program. Last month on July 27th, they released their fifth mini album, “From our Memento Box,” and made a comeback.



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