Netizens Can’t Take Their Eyes Off Girls’ Generation Yoona’s Nurse ID Photo For Her Upcoming Drama “Big Mouth”

Singer and actress Yoona’s picture of her nurse’s license in the drama has been released.

On the 25th, on Yoona’s official Instagram account, two photos were released with the caption, “MBC drama ‘Big Mouth‘ Miho’s nurse employee ID has been released in advance. Can the ID photo come out this well?”

In the photo, Yoona can be seen wearing a nurse’s uniform and holding a nurse’s ID.

Along with this, a new ID photo taken to make an employee ID card was also released. In this photo, Yoona caught her attention by showing off her neat and humiliating beauty.

The neatly tucked hair behind the ears and natural makeup were enough to arouse admiration.

Yoona is set to premiere on MBC’s ‘Big Mouth‘ on July 29th.

Big Mouth‘ is a privileged class stained with a huge conspiracy to survive and protect the family by becoming a rare genius con artist ‘Big Mouth‘ overnight after getting caught up in a murder case that a living lawyer with a 10% win rate accidentally takes over.

It depicts the story of digging into the true face of

In the play, Yoona meets viewers as she plays the role of Miho Go, a nurse who possesses both an outstanding beauty and a confident side. 

She took on the role of jumping directly into the battlefield to save her beloved family.

In particular, through this drama, Yoona will challenge her first noir after her debut, raising expectations from fans. 



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