Fans Are Debating Over Sunye’s Recently Uploaded Shocking Photos Whether The Concept Is Too Exaggerated

Sunye, a former member of the group Wonder Girls, has released a photo of an unconventional concept.

On the 26th, her Sunye posted a number of photos of her recent situation with the sentence “[Genuine] will be released tomorrow! 2022.07.26 6pm” on her own Instagram.

The published photo is a pictorial cut that Sunye took for her new album. Sunye wore her unique accessories and tried to expose her dizzying shoulders and collarbones, attracting her attention.

Meanwhile, Sunye made her music debut in 2007 as a member of the group Wonder Girls.

She officially left the Wonder Girls in July 2015 after she married a missionary from a Korean-Canadian descent in 2013. She has three daughters.

Also, Sunye will release her first solo album ‘Genuine‘ at 6 pm on the 26th and make a comeback.


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