“Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Shares The Reason Why Joo Hyun Young’s Character Name Is Based On Circle

Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘ writer Moon Ji Won revealed why Joo Hyun Young’s character has a circle name.

On the afternoon of July 26th, at the Stanford Hotel Korea in Mapo-gu, Seoul, during the press conference of the ENA channel ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo‘), writer Ji-won Moon had a question and answer session.

On this day, writer Moon Ji-won pointed out, “I did not name Best Friend that way because autistic people prefer circles.”

Earlier, online speculation circulated that the name of the circle (played by Joo Hyun Young) was because people with autism spectrum preferred the shape of a circle.

In this regard, writer Moon Ji-won said, “I thought that the character Donggeurami was Woo Young Woo’s (Park Eun Bin) best friend, his spiritual support, and a more strange friend than Young Woo.”

He also explained, “I’ll give you a name full of personality that you can’t forget once you hear it, and it’s a name I picked during a meeting.”



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