Cha Jun Hwan Surprised Everyone By Revealing That He Didn’t Know How To Light Matches

‘Prince of Figure Skating’ Cha Jun Hwan exuded a cute and sloppy charm.

On the episode of MBC’s ‘It’s Good If We Don’t Fight’ aired on July 25th, Ahn Jung Hwan, Kim Yo Han, Son Hee Chan, Hwang Dae Heon, and Cha Jun Hwan challenged ‘Hold My Hand’ (I hold my hand).

On this day, Ahn Jung Hwan set rules such as prohibition of leaving without permission with the members, one training a day, prohibition of drinking and smoking, laughing even when it was hard, and not getting angry.

Ahn Jung Hwan asked Cha Jun Hwan to nail a sign with the rules written on it.

Cha Jun Hwan, who was hesitant because he had never nailed a nail, reassured his will by saying, “I will try nonetheless.”

However, Cha Jun Hwan didn’t do it well, and in the end, Kim Yo Han took the place of nailing.

Afterwards, when he heard that Cha Jun Hwan couldn’t cook, Ahn Jung Hwan asked, “What don’t you eat at home?”

Cha Jun Hwan surprised those who asked, “I haven’t even turned on that gas stove yet.”

He explained that there is no need to cook rice out of the dormitory.

After that, Cha Jun Hwan embarrassed Ahn Jung Hwan by continuously exuding the energy of Heo-dang, who did not know how to light materials and matches.

Ahn Jung-hwan said to Cha Jun Hwan, “Just go. Don’t come to the island again,” causing laughter.



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