Actress Seo Hyun Jin on the “Unexpected Benefit” of Losing Weight

The actress revealed the reason for her sudden weight loss.

On July 22nd, Seo Hyun Jin revealed behind-the-scenes footage from the SBS drama “Why Her” on the YouTube channel Allure Korea.

On this particular day, Seo Hyun Jin asked the head stylist, “What was the most challenging aspect of this shoot?“.

The head stylist responded, “Hyunjin lost a significant amount of weight during filming, so I had to change her size.

Recent weight loss by Seo Hyun Jin has garnered much attention. The change in Seo Hyun Jin‘s body shape made it difficult for the stylist she worked with to find clothing that fit her.

However, Seo Hyun Jin stated, “It was not intentional, but it was a change that fit the script exceptionally well.” In the drama, Seo Hyun Jin plays Oh Soo Jae, a ruthless attorney who only pursues success in order to survive.

She recalled the filming period by saying, “There was a line in the script that said, ‘Look, she’s lost her face’.”

She continued, “As I went back, there were numerous emotional scenes, as well as numerous scenes that drained my strength.”

She continued, “I believe I lost weight because I stayed up all night eating healthy foods.



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