Singer Heize To Replace Shin Ye Eun As A DJ In  KBS Cool FM Radio “Turn up the volume”

Singer Heize will inherit Shin Ye Eun’s baton. 

It was announced on the 25th that Heize was selected as the new DJ for KBS Cool FM Radio ‘Turn up the volume’.

On this day, Star Today reported that Heize will replace actress Shin Ye Eun through an exclusive report. According to the media, Heize’s input period is from mid-August.

Shin Ye Eun, who has been active as a DJ since November of last year, is reported to be leaving ‘Turn Up the Volume’ for the last time on the 31st of this month.

It is expected that a special DJ will be in charge of the program for two weeks after Shin Ye Eun leaves.

Previously, Heize proved her DJ qualities through Naver NOW’s broadcast ‘Diary’. 

Diary‘, which first started in 2020, was popularly broadcast after seasons 1-3.

Heize debuted in the music industry in 2014, boasting a dreamy and unique tone. The following year, she appeared on Mnet’s ‘Unpretty Rap Star 2’ and showed off her rapping skills.

She released songs such as ‘Wander a little more’, ‘And July’, ‘That Star’, ‘I don’t know you too much’, ‘It’s raining’, ‘That’s why’, and ‘Happy coincidence’.

In 2020, she moved to P NATION, an agency run by singer PSY (Park Jae-sang).

On June 30th of last month, the 2nd regular album ‘Undo‘ was released, and all 10 songs in the album entered the top of the online music charts, receiving congratulations from fans.

As of the morning of July 1st, the day after the album’s release, the title song ‘As Nothing Happened’ topped the real-time charts such as Genie and Bugs.

Turn Up the Volume‘ is a long-running radio program that has been running since 1995. It airs every day from 8 PM to 10 PM on KBS Cool FM.



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