Seo Ye Ji’s Attitude During The Filming Of ‘Eve’ Was Praised By Park Byung Eun

Actor Park Byung Eun expressed his feelings about the end of ‘Eve‘. In particular, he praised the attitude of the other actress Seo Ye Ji.

In an interview with OSEN on July 22nd, Park Byung Eun, who performed her best in the tvN drama ‘Eve‘, said, “Seo Ye Ji was cast first, and I was aware of such a situation (controversy). I didn’t care about the outside of the work.”

He said, “In the beginning of filming, Seo Ye Ji was very focused and came out acting. I didn’t pay attention to external things and focused. . Thank you for your diligent analysis of the script.”

He continued, “Above all, I liked Seo Ye Ji’s attitude toward her work. Even during rehearsals, I shed tears. I was moved by seeing that, so I expressed my emotions more desperately. There was no reason to worry about any controversy or anything. When she was acting with me, she poured out good emotions, so I just saw it and ran. On set, I just had to focus on the character in the work.”

Previously, Seo Ye Ji returned to the drama ‘Eve‘ after about a year of suspending her activities due to the gaslighting controversy of her lover.

In particular, she drew a lot of attention from her 1st episode, when she showed off her unconventional exposure and bed scenes.

In the final episode aired on July 21st, it recorded its own highest viewership rating of 4.5% (provided by Nielsen Korea) and achieved the beauty of a kind.



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