Fans Express Their Worry Over Hyun Bin’s Health After Seeing His Latest Airport Photos

On July 24, Hyun Bin landed at Incheon airport to fly to Milan, Italy to attend a fashion event. Immediately, a series of amateur photos at the airport became a hot topic, because this was Hyun Bin’s first overseas schedule after marrying Son Ye Jin and becoming a father.

Not ashamed to be the top actor in Korea, Hyun Bin impresses with his tall physique, model-like style, and handsome beauty despite wearing a tight mask.

However, when looking at it more closely, the netizen was furious when her husband Son Ye Jin revealed large eye bags and tired eyes.

Many people think that looking at the puffy eyes, it is clear that the father’s heart is full of milk, because he takes care of his pregnant wife, so he has less time to rest.

Right from the moment he got out of the car, the actor “Crash Landing on You” made a strong impression thanks to his stylish appearance, tall and tall body standard every centimeter like a model.

Hyun Bin walked at the airport like he was walking on a catwalk. Despite wearing a simple outfit, the popular male idol still stands out in the middle of a crowded airport

Fans can’t take their eyes off of Hyun Bin’s Pacific shoulder, muscular biceps

Even though his face is handsome with a tight mask, Hyun Bin looks tired

Netizens couldn’t help but feel fire when they saw the actor’s large, dark circles under the actor’s eyes. Many netizens think that Hyun Bin’s puffiness appeared because he did not have enough time to rest, because he still took care of his pregnant wife.

After the super wedding at the end of March, the couple Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin had good news. His wife hasn’t given birth to a baby yet, but Hyun Bin has taken on the look of a baby daddy, always taking care of his wife

This is Hyun Bin’s first overseas schedule after becoming a father



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