Daiso’s So-Called ‘Princess Necklace’ Worn By Famous Korean Female Celebrities Went Out Of Stock

The so-called ‘Princess Necklace’ sold at Daiso for 1,000 won is out of stock.

Recently, there are items that are emerging as hot items among popular stars. She is none other than a baby toy sold at Daiso, a household goods store.

The ‘Princess Necklace and Earring Set’, sold for only 1,000 won, started collecting topics when actress Han So Hee posted a photo of her birthday party in November of last year. 

At that time, Han So Hee posted a picture of herself smiling while wearing a necklace and earrings with large red jewels on a silver background.

 Netizens who saw this also responded, “It looks like a luxury brand,” but this product was known as a Daiso product and drew more attention.

Since then, several stars have revealed the appearance of wearing the ‘Princess Necklace and Earring Set’.

In February, Kim Ha Neul posted a picture of herself wearing a princess necklace and earrings set at the event and birthday party sites prepared by the staff on her Instagram.

Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon showed off her toy fashion on tvN’s ‘Amazing Saturday’. At that time, Taeyeon appeared wearing a toy princess bag, a plastic heart-shaped necklace set, and a crown.

In addition, singer Seolhyun, Umji, and actress Lee Yoo Bi took several selfies using the same toy and drew attention.

Is it because of this? Currently, on various social media and online communities, it is easy to see photos wearing these princess-style plastic accessories. 

There are over 500 posts with the hashtag ‘Princess Set’, and hashtags such as ‘Daiso Princess Nori’ and ‘Daiso Princess’ are also continuing to appear.

A clerk at Daiso told Edaily that the princess necklace and earring sets are out of stock, saying, “I can’t even figure out the stock status of the head office and the expected date of wearing it.”

Daiso cited the increase in party culture after the spread of COVID-19 as the reason for the outbreak, and said that sales of party decoration items such as actual garland products, cake toppers and birthday candy needed for party food preparation increased compared to the previous year.



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