Singer HyunA, Who Received A ‘Proposal’ From Her Boyfriend Dawn Has No Plan Of Getting Married, Here’s Why

Singer HyunA, who was proposed by Dawn, talked about her thoughts on marriage.

MBC’s ‘Radio Star’, which aired on July 20th, was featured as a special feature of ‘I can’t help but see them’, starring Kim Byeong Ok, HyunA, Han Young, and Tsuki.

On this day, Hanyoung was asked, “When do you feel that you are getting married the most?” and said, “I have a lot to take care of after getting married.”

Han Young said, “I’m usually a neat person, but my husband likes to hang the clothes he wore after going out on the dining table chair. He told me not to wash the socks because they are clean too,” she told the story of his marriage with Park.

Hearing this, HyunA sympathized with Han Young and insisted, “Dawn says the same thing. He said he would wear the clothes tomorrow. The socks are in clean condition, so don’t touch them.”

The two continued a heated socks debate. In the end, HyunA said, “She got a proposal from Dawn a while ago, but she doesn’t want to get married. She has twice as much to take care of.”

At HyunA‘s words, Han Young apologized and said, “I’m sorry,” causing laughter.

Meanwhile, HyunA, who has been in a public relationship with Dawn for 6 years, recently received a lot of congratulations by announcing that she had received proposal from Dawn through her Instagram.



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