Sandara Park Admits To Reducing Weight, Going From… Kim Sook, “I attempted for three years to have her weigh mid 40kg.”

Sandara Park revealed that she lost weight and gained weight again in the 30kg range.

On July 20th, the second episode video of ‘Sisters Who Don’t Taste Rice’ was uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘Hung Garlic Studio’.

On this day, the representatives of the entertainment industry, Sandara Park and Park So Hyun met comedian Kim Sook and went on a ‘mukbang’.

On this day, Sandara Park confessed that she lost weight, saying, “I lost weight because I couldn’t meet my unnie.”

Then Kim Sook asked, “What happened? Did you go with 37 kg?”

In response to Sandara Park‘s affirmative answer, Kim Sook said, “I worked hard for 3 years to make a mid-40kg weight.”

Sandara Park added, “When I was filming ‘Vis’, I weighed 47kg when I was in full swing.”

Kim Sook asked Park So Hyun, who was next to her, “Why is your sister dry?“, and Park So Hyun answered, “I usually fall for a little bit in summer. In summer, food is light.”




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