Park Eun Bin Shows Off Her Photography Skills In Kang Ki Young’s New Instagram Photos

Kang Ki Young‘s chemistry with Park Eun Bin in the ENA drama Young Woo was reminiscent of a flower garden.

Kang Ki Young uploaded two photos to his Instagram account on July 21 with the caption “in a flower garden.”

In his published photos, Kang Ki Young is squatting in a flower field and posing, and Park Eun Bin is capturing Kang Ki Young‘s appearance on her cell phone camera. The image of Kang Ki Young smiling broadly while wearing his calyx exudes positive energy.

In “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” Kang Ki Young portrays Jung Myeong Seok, a lawyer and Woo Young Woo‘s tsundere mentor. Park Eun Bin portrays Woo Young Woo, a new lawyer with a genius intellect and autism spectrum.

Additionally, on the same day, Kang Ki Young posted a photo to his Instagram story with the caption “Outing in Sodeok Dong“.

In the photograph, Young Woo actors are seated in a flower garden and taking a group photo.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo” is a human court drama in which Woo Young Woo, a new lawyer at a large law firm with an autistic spectrum and a genius brain, matures by solving various cases.

The drama airs on ENA on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9 p.m. and is also available on season and Netflix.



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