Lovelyz Mijoo Can’t Stop Herself From Admiring Jessie’s Bikini Body

Mijoo admired Jessie’s bikini body.

In Mnet’s ‘TMI SHOW’, which aired on July 20, SF9’s Jaeyoon, Hwiyoung, and Kim Heejae appeared as guest reporters to reveal the ranking of ‘Best 10 Physical Stars Who Ripped the Stage’.

Jessie was the 4th physical star who raged for tearing up the stage that was revealed on the day’s broadcast.

Jessie boasted of a world-class bikini body that aggravates confusion between Americans and Koreans with a hotter physique than stage manners. Mijoo exclaimed, “Ah, I’m envious” and admired it.

Then, as the data screens of Jessie, who boasted a perfect line even in a white tee and jeans, were continuously released, Mijoo repeatedly exclaimed, “How is your body like that?”

Jessie works hard to maintain her body, but she was born with a muscle spoon, and eating well and playing well is also the secret to her body.

Mijoo testified, “I eat really well,” and said, “She’s a really cool older sister. Sexy,” she praised Jessie.



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