Pregnant Son Ye Jin Gives Netizens A Rare Glimpse Of Her Baby Bump In Latest Instagram Update

Actress Son Ye Jin revealed how she has become prettier during pregnancy.

Son Ye Jin released an advertisement photo on her SNS on July 20th, saying, “I recently shot an advertisement with Kitty (dog)“.

In the released photo, Son Ye Jin is posing with her dog and filming an advertisement. In particular, Son Ye Jin is showing off her “Goddess Beauty“, which has become prettier in a red padded jacket that even lights up her face.

Son Ye Jin, who started filming an advertisement during pregnancy, attracts attention with her slightly gained weight. In addition, she hugged her dog “Kitty” affectionately and boasted her affection, which made her expect the birth of her first child.

Son Ye Jin is well known for taking special care of her dog. She attended the wedding with Hyun Bin and watched the marriage of the two under the care of her close juniors, including Gong Hyo Jin.

Son Ye Jin married Hyun Bin on March 31. In April, They went to America for my honeymoon. She recently announced her pregnancy and is in prenatal care.



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