Jung Hae In And Lee Yong Jin Made Viewers Of ‘1st Blue Dragon Series Awards’ Laugh So Hard During The Delivery Of Their Speech

The cute feelings of the stars who won the ‘Tirtir Popularity Award’ at the ‘1st Blue Dragon Series Awards’ drew attention.

On July 19th, the ‘1st Blue Dragon Series Awards’ was held at Paradise City Chroma, Incheon, where the best actors gathered together.

On this day, actors Jung Hae In and Han Hyo Joo, comedian Lee Yong Jin, singer Kang Daniel and DKZ Park Jae Chan were awarded the ‘Tirtir Popular Star Award’.

Tirtir is the name of a cosmetic brand, and it was selected as a sponsor of the awards ceremony, and the brand name was given to the Popular Star Award.

Actors who were unaware of this received the ‘Tirtir Popular Star Award’ and showed their bewildered appearance, showing off their friendly charm.

Jung Hae In, who said his first acceptance speech, was perplexed, saying, “To be honest, I don’t know what a Tirtir is” and “I think it’s a good thing because it’s a popular award.”

Han Hyo Joo also asked cautiously, “It’s the Tirtir Popular Star Award, right?” Kang Daniel said that he felt better because the name of the award was cute.

Lee Yong Jin said that he had misunderstood the term ‘Tirtir’ as ‘Turquiyez‘, and made everyone laugh by referring to his YouTube web entertainment ‘Turquiyez on the Block’.

In an interview after the award, Jung Hae In sincerely apologized to CEO Tirtir, saying, “I was embarrassed to receive the Popularity Award so suddenly.”

Lee Yoo Bin, CEO of Tirtir, who attended the awards ceremony, expressed his gratitude on his Instagram, saying, “Thank you, Jung Hae In,” and uploaded a photo taken with him.

Meanwhile, the ‘Blue Dragon Series Awards’ will be held for domestic content produced or invested by online video streaming platforms such as Netflix, Season, Apple TV+, Watcha, Wave, Kakao TV, Coupang Play, and Teabing.

On this day, Netflix’s ‘DP‘ won the Best Picture award in the drama category, and Teabing’s ‘Transferring Love’ was named the Best Picture in the entertainment category.



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