Han So Hee Turned The Streets Of NYC Into Her Personal Runway In Latest Instagram Update

Han So Hee, revealed her stylish appearance.

Han So Hee uploaded several photos to Instagram on the afternoon of July 20. Han So Hee displayed her hipness by wearing a walker made of a unique rubber material from a luxury brand, as well as her beauty by donning a bright yellow dress with white skin.

Han So Hee‘s appearance garnered a variety of responses from Netizens, such as “She looks good in anything she wears”, “She is also a former shopping mall model“, “She looks great” and “She’s so pretty“.

Before her debut, Han So Hee made headlines as a model for a shopping mall, and then she embraced her fame with a candy advertisement.

Currently, Han So Hee is en route to New York, United States for a special project for the French couture brand B company.



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